Anybody and everybody who knows me or who has read my public writings knows that I am very critical of the legal profession and judiciary.  It goes without saying that generally speaking lawyers and judges have earned a reputation for unsavoriness and corruption.  History has taught us that lawyers and judges are a seedy bunch driven by money and power who routinely utilize dishonesty to achieve their goals of getting rich and powerful —at the expense of the regular people of society.  I have written extensively on legal and judicial malfeasance issues of which writings can be seen on the “Media” and “Blog” section of my website.  http://www.brianvukadinovich.com/.  I take no prisoners when I express myself on my feelings about the legal system and the judiciary’s corruption as can be seen in the interviews I have done on these topics in the “Media” section of my website.  Needless to say, malfeasance in the legal profession and corruption in the judiciary are topics that I feel very strongly about because of things that I have experienced in my personal and professional life —which has led me to devote the better part of my adult life to addressing this corruption. 

In my work and travels as the author of the book Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, and in my work in exposing judicial corruption, I meet a great deal of people who share their stories with me and ask me questions about my journey in exposing judicial corruption.  I have also met up with my share of lawyers and judges and also news media people.  I have to be honest in saying that almost all lawyers have no interest in speaking up about judicial corruption, let alone exposing it.  Many people will use the excuse that lawyers can’t take a chance in exposing judicial corruption as it would hurt their professional careers.  I say hogwash to that —they are spineless.  I believe that lawyers actually have an obligation to expose what they know about judicial corruption and have an obligation to report corrupt activities by corrupt judges. The failure to do so is an act of cowardice, plain and simple.  One thing is for sure, it takes two to play the corruption game, so lawyers have skin in the game as well as the judges when it comes to judicial bribery and associated malfeasance issues.  And let’s not become too enamored with the person wearing the black robe, that person is simply a lawyer dressed up in a costume designed to fool the people into believing that the person wearing that costume is a guardian of justice —unfortunately many times the biggest criminal in the courtroom is the person wearing the black robe.  This is not a hyperbolic statement as this was proven to be true in a federal sting operation in the 1980’s in the Cook County Court system in Chicago where numerous judges were indicted, prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison for taking bribes.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Greylord.  So this indeed proves that there are plenty of judges out there who are taking bribes from lawyers to get favorable outcomes in cases.  Sadly, the system is so infected that we never hear of any more such federal sting operations of that magnitude, so we can very well strongly assume that the governmental forces are in play heading off any such governmental investigations against judges —in order that judges can continue to put their hands into the proverbial cookie jar and profit from wearing that so revered black robe.  And it doesn’t help that we never seem to have an attorney general who is willing to investigate and prosecute case fixing and bribery accepting judges.  In point of fact I have informed the current Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, of case fixing activities at the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago as was disclosed to me by a retired federal judge from that court — Richard A. Posner —  but Garland has chosen to turn a blind eye to it.  But we shouldn’t be too surprised as Garland had a reputation for covering for corrupt judges while he himself was a judge before becoming attorney general.  http://www.brianvukadinovich.com/blog/post/we-have-an-asleep-at-the-wheel-attorney-general-in-merrick-garland-who-allows-case-fixing-by-judges/.

And if it wasn’t bad enough that we as a country have to suffer through the corrupt judges that are thrust upon us, the judiciary is so full of itself that it cavalierly requires people to stand in reverence when the criminal wearing the black robe enters the courtroom.  The whole thing is a façade, a show —a big joke.  But the joke is on the people who are being fleeced by unsavory lawyers and corrupt judges and then required to stand in reverence to the black robed criminals.  One of these days, the people are going to wake up and smell the coffee and finally realize what has been going on in the legal profession and in the judiciary.  But it isn’t going to happen anytime soon unfortunately as just about everybody is afraid to expose the judicial corruption that is rampant in courts all across the country.  The most effective way for the judicial corruption to be exposed would be by the lawyers who are on the inside and know a lot about what is going on, but won’t come clean. But there is an exception, and there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel, because there are three lawyers in the country, and by my count, the only three, who are willing to and have in fact worked at exposing judicial corruption, so it is time that they receive some much deserved recognition for their courage in doing so.

Jonathan Zell is an attorney in Columbus, Ohio who I got acquainted with in our work in the Posner Center of Justice for Pro Se’s.  Jonathan has no problem with confronting and exposing judicial corruption and doesn’t use the standard outmoded excuse that he can’t do so for fear of retaliation against his law practice.  Jonathan Zell not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.  To learn more about Jonathan’s efforts in exposing judicial corruption go to his twitter feed — @ThereIsNoLaw —, which gives the URL of his website about corrupt judges. http://framedbyjudgemarbley.com/ OR http://IsThe6thCircuitCorrupt.com/.   As you will see if you check out Jonathan’s website information, Jonathan wasn’t afraid to call out corruption in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.  He did so in an “Open Letter to All Attorneys” stating “I accuse the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit of case-fixing!” and on top of that, he explicitly demanded that the Ohio attorney-disciplinary officials institute disbarment proceedings against him — based on his allegations of case-fixing against the trial and appellate judges so that he could finally get a hearing on those allegations inasmuch as the judges in question denied all requests for oral argument in a certain legal-malpractice case against Frost Brown Todd knowing that their favored side would lose if these issues were aired publicly.  Jonathan’s charges are so credible that he is not only willing to risk his law license, but he has also put his money where his mouth is by offering to give the American Bar Association (ABA) $10,000.00 to keep or to donate to the charity of its choice if the ABA can find any well-respected fulltime law professor of its own choosing who will say that he or she is certain that the federal trial and appellate courts did not corruptly “fix” a certain case to favor the politically-powerful “Am Law 200” law firm Frost Brown Todd.  This is in addition to an offer of $100,000.00 to anyone who can convince three law professors of his or her own choosing that the law firm of Frost Brown Todd did not commit blatant, obvious, and wholesale perjury in that case.  I have read the pleadings from that litigation, both the district court pleadings and appellate pleadings, and I can see why the judicial officials don’t want to give Jonathan an opportunity for an oral argument as to his allegations of case fixing against the trial and appellate judges —the case fixing is rather evident.  All of the pleadings can be seen on Jonathan’s website.

Sara Naheedy is an attorney in Irvine, California. I got acquainted with Sara on twitter when Sara posted some positive comments as to some of my tweets about judicial corruption issues.  When I noticed that she was a lawyer, I was somewhat surprised that she would react positively to the information I was posting —but I was pleased to see it.  In addition to being an excellent attorney, Sara co-authored a book “Stack The Legal Odds In Your Favor” with Tom Scott, a fierce pro se litigant.  I read the book and saw that it had a wealth of information that would be beneficial to not only pro se litigants, but even to represented litigants.  I was so impressed by the book that I wrote a review on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Stack-Legal-Odds-Your-Favor/dp/0996592962.  I then ran across several blog pieces that Sara had written where she was highly critical of some very severe governmental and judicial corruption issues —and that told me that Sara Naheedy was indeed an attorney of high integrity.  Her blog pieces can be seen on her blog site at http://www.stloiyf.com/blog/post/sara-naheedy-and-tom-scott-libertopia-speaking-engagement/.  Tom Scott is a determined pro se litigant who has been fighting a valiant battle against the judiciary and isn’t afraid to call the corrupt lawyers and corrupt judges out for the criminals that they are.  I have read several of his pleadings, and if there is anybody in the country who isn’t afraid to stand up to the criminals in the black robes, it’s Tom Scott.  Tom Scott wrote a recently published book “Our American Injustice System – A Toxic Waste Dump Also Known as the World’s Largest Crime Syndicate” to which I had the honor of writing the foreword.  https://www.amazon.com/Our-American-Injustice-System-Syndicate/dp/0996592970.  The book enlightens us about just how big of a problem corruption is within the judiciary.

Lisa Belanger is an attorney in Massachusetts and co-host of the “People At Law Podcast”.  Lisa co-hosts the show with Tamara Leigh.  Lisa saw some of my twitter postings and writings I have done and invited me to come on her and Tamara’s show and discuss judicial corruption.  I accepted the invitation and we did the show, and I have to say these are two wonderful hosts who know how to do a great interview.  We covered a range of judicial corruption issues and I was very impressed in both of these ladies’ preparation levels.  https://rumble.com/v10az61-pro-se-power-exemplified-interview-with-author-brian-vukadinovich.html?fbclid=IwAR0MLTodCj0ztNXukqP6M_bVcoiE0QATt86SZa6tKgE3OyZRyviVlCMYJPg.  Lisa and Tamara both had a high level of passion on the topic and aren’t afraid to speak their mind when it comes to the criminals in the black robes.  To check out their information Lisa’s twitter is @TPCLJ and Tamara’s is @PeopleAtLawPod.  Very rarely, if ever, are you going to see a show where the host of the show is an attorney who is willing to criticize the corrupt legal system and the corrupt judiciary, but this is the kind of credibility that you get with Lisa Belanger who isn’t afraid to rock the judicially corrupt boat, even though she is as an attorney herself.  And if you didn’t know that Tamara Leigh wasn’t an attorney, you would assume that she is based on her high knowledge level of the inner workings of the corrupt judiciary system.

Lisa has every right to have misgivings about the judiciary.  Lisa has been involved in a very corrupt probate proceeding in the Massachusetts courts involving her father’s estate, which according to news reports had a significant amount of money, but once the Massachusetts judges and lawyers took control of things, most all of the money pretty much disappeared and ended up in their pockets.  According to news reporting, her father was taken, isolated from certain family members’ interaction, medicated, and his assets liquidated by attorneys to the tune of $410K.  It was judicial thuggery and extortion without question.  Because of her understandable unwillingness to accept the corruption that was going on in the court case, Lisa was ordered to pay $131,220.00 to an attorney Lisa M. Cukier and $278,907.63 to an attorney Patricia Keane Martin.  According to news reporting, the $131,220.00 number is the amount one probate judge imposed upon Lisa on the eve of his retirement.  How convenient!  According to news reporting, the judge conditioned that Lisa was not to receive a copy of the details of the bills from Cukier, but simply make the payment.  https://www.bostonbroadside.com/guardians/thuggeryletter/#:~:text=Mass.%20Probate%20Court%20Horrors%20%E2%80%93%20Update%3A%20Lawyers%20Send,of%20Massachusetts%20Probate%20Court%20whistleblower%20Lisa%20Siegel%20Belanger.  Sounds like extortion to me.  The chicanery in that court has semblance to a criminal enterprise system.  The process was so infected that Lisa was fined by one probate court judge for visiting her sick father in the hospital.  It’s so sad that these unsavory types of lawyers and these criminals wearing the black robes — masquerading as judges — simply don’t go out and get a real job where they have to earn an honest days pay rather than extorting money from people who are simply trying to live an honest life.

Abraham Lincoln, once said “Resolve to be honest at all events: and if in your judgement you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer. Choose some other occupation.” 

The people in our country who are concerned about judicial corruption and the lack of oversight of corrupt judges should be very thankful that attorneys Jonathan Zell, Sara Naheedy and Lisa Belanger chose to become honest lawyers.  Abraham Lincoln would be proud of each of them!