It is unfortunate that we as a country have such a weak and inept attorney general in Merrick Garland.  President Biden made a big mistake with this appointment given Garland’s poor track record of protecting judicial malfeasance.  Biden should have seen the red flag since Garland’s protectionism of an accused Texas judge, Edith Jones of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals with ethics violation, was publicly reported. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/03/time-merrick-garland-was-accused-protecting-fellow-judge-charged-ethics-violations/Judge Edith Jones was accused of making public derogatory comments against Blacks and Hispanics including suggesting that Blacks and Hispanics are “predisposed to crime” and “prone" to violence at a 2013 speech at a Federalist Society sponsored event at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  Several groups filed an ethical complaint against Jones for her derogatory public comments.  The matter ended up before Garland who then appointed a special committee that included himself to handle the complaint.  According to the Mother Jones article, in 2015 there were 1,214 complaints filed against federal judges, and not a single one of them resulted in remedial action against the judge.

Only two people were allowed to testify before Garland’s committee during the Jones investigation: Jones herself and Marc Bookman, a Philadelphia death penalty lawyer who attended her speech and helped file the complaint.  Maurie Levin, one of the lawyers for the complainants, said the investigation was “blanketed in secrecy and bias.”  Levin has pointed out that although Bookman was cross-examined by Jones’ attorney, Jones testified in secret, without any of the complainants in the room.  Garland’s panel refused to disclose a transcript of Jones’ testimony or the documents she filed in her defense.  Garland and his appointed cohorts ultimately found that Jones hadn’t violated the judicial code of ethics and recommended that the DC Circuit’s judicial council, which had final say in the matter dismiss the complaint, which it did.

According to Maurie Levin, “The judicial panel that investigated the complaint—presided over by Judge Garland—twisted itself into a pretzel to find that Judge Jones would face no consequences, and dismissed the complaint”.  Levin said the process raises the question of whether Garland and his fellow judges were “more interested in protecting [their] brethren than rooting out bias in the administration of justice.”

Civil rights groups wrote, “At its core, the decision of the [judges] serves to undermine any faith the public may have in the fairness and impartiality of the judiciary, the federal judicial discipline system or a system free of race bias.”  Luis Roberto Vera Jr., LULAC’s national general counsel, said in a press release, “Just as concerning as these instances of bias, the one-sidedness and secrecy surrounding the ethics complaint process and the untoward deference to the judge’s denials makes it unlikely that any claims of judicial misbehavior can be handled in a way that gives the public confidence that justice is being served.”  Andrew Cohen, a CBS commentator and lawyer, tweeted at the time: “Farce of the Day: How federal judges herded together to protect 5th Circuit Judge Edith Jones, a national disgrace.”

And true to his form, Garland, now as Attorney General of the United States, is again showing his true colors by looking the other way as to judicial corruption by a case fixing judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, where according to now retired Judge Richard A. Posner, Judge Michael S. Kanne was involved in having a civil rights decision fixed in a case I had against rogue police from Valparaiso Indiana, but a sham investigation such as the one that Garland headed where it was said that the judicial panel headed by Garland “twisted itself into a pretzel” to find that wrongdoing judge should face no consequences, and dismissed the complaint, also took place.  The same type of pretzel is being twisted in the Seventh Circuit with Chief Judge Diane S. Sykes’ conduct of finding that Kanne should face no consequence and dismissed the complaint without even interviewing Judge Posner, who disclosed Kanne’s case fixing conduct, and without even interviewing Kanne, and even without a denial on the record by Kanne.  And strikingly similar as to how Garland conducted the proceeding against the Texas judge, Sykes also proceeded with a blatant bias and one-sidedness and secrecy. 

Actually, Sykes’ conduct in protecting Kanne was even worse than the situation with the Texas judge, the Texas judge asserted denials of wrongdoing where Kanne hasn’t denied on the record that he fixed the decision in the civil rights case as disclosed by Judge Posner.  Sykes’ conduct of dismissing a well-grounded judicial-misconduct complaint supported by affidavit to which she chose to not even interview the judge who disclosed the case fixing conduct and chose to not even interview the subject of the complaint in her secret proceeding certainly does not give any “public confidence that justice is being served.”  And just as in the case of the Texas judge that was investigated by Garland, which was characterized as the “Farce of the Day” as to “How federal judges herded together to protect 5th Circuit Judge Edith Jones, a national disgrace.”, so too is the current case against Judge Michael S. Kanne with Chief Judge Diane S. Sykes at the head of the herd, another “Farce of the Day” and “national disgrace”.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is very well aware of the corruption in the Seventh Circuit in this matter.  He knows it because I sent him a detailed letter on April 22, 2021, which provided him with the details, and yet he has done nothing about it, even though he knows that a highly distinguished judge, Richard A. Posner, disclosed the case fixing conduct. https://www.courierpress.com/story/opinion/2021/06/30/letter-corruption-civil-rights-case-alarming/7812191002/.  I wrote in great detail in my book Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case what the rogue police did to me in Valparaiso Indiana and how the FBI and the Department of Justice protected the rogue police with the help of John Bolton who was an assistant attorney general at the time and would later become national security adviser to former president Donald Trump. https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Justice-Rest-My-Case/dp/1662473427/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1536738363&sr=8-3.  I also wrote about how the federal judge, James T. Moody, protected the rogue police during the civil rights trial of which appellate decision was fixed by Judge Michael S. Kanne, according to the disclosure by Judge Richard A. Posner who was on the panel

The case fixing at the Seventh Circuit by Judge Michael S. Kanne as disclosed by Judge Posner and the protectionism of it by Chief Judge Diane S. Sykes and her cohorts at the Seventh Circuit are crimes under the laws of the United States and Garland has a substantial basis to prosecute these criminal judges under 18 U.S. Code Sec. 2, 18 U.S. Code Sec. 3 and 18 U.S. Code Sec. 4, but he instead chooses to abdicate his duty as attorney general and look the other way.

We as a country are in big trouble these days as it has obviously gotten to the point that it is acceptable for federal judges to fix decisions in civil rights cases in order that out of control police can escape responsibility from their rogue actions against the citizenry, and that even when a federal judge discloses it, the attorney general of the United States has no problem with it and simply sits back and allows a brethren judge to provide cover, as Chief Judge Diane S. Sykes is doing by sweeping the matter under the rug under a cloak of secrecy.  An attorney general who allows such judicial corruption to take place is indeed a “national disgrace” and Attorney General Merrick Garland indeed is a national disgrace as Attorney General of the United States by allowing federal judges to break the laws of the United States.